A year ago The Snowmelt was started as a way to make a inherently selfish act of seeking adventure something positive for our community. The initial task at hand was Mt. McKinley, the tallest mountain in the continental United States (20,320 ft) and yes we Summitted!. In that we decided to dedicate the climb to the San Gorgonio Wilderness Association. Along with the SGWA we were able to make a big difference in our own back yard, the "San Gorgonio Wilderness". The Snowmelt  along with SGWA and The Wildlands Conservancy  also hosted the first annual Mill Creek Clean Up Day.  The Snowmelt has been able to release The Snowmelt tee in which $10 from every sale went to the SGWA as well as many other efforts that made a big difference. And all that was last year, this year our sights are set on even bigger goals and more ways to give back so stay tuned as this means more chances to make a difference help preserve and protect both our natural resources and environment through restoration and education.
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