Denali (Mt. McKinley) 2011- Complete!
June 4th -June 17th  A 5 team expedition took on North America's tallest Mountain. Expedition leader and The Snowmelt founder along with his team summitted Denali on June16th 2011. Along with summitting the mountain The Snowmelt was able to raise both money and awareness for the SGWA as well as host events like the Mill Creek Clean Up Day 2011 , Leave No Trace and local geology seminars for the local community.

The Snowmelt - Roadmelt Bicycle Expedition 2012

This year we have decided to take on a bicycle expedition like no other. Keeping in the spirit of The Snowmelt, this expedition will partly focus on an environmental issue that affects us all. This summer our journey will take us from the coast of Southern California along the waterways, north to the source of California’s water. Over approximately eight days we will cycle 500 miles to San Francisco and then east to the Hetch Hetchy Reservoir. This expedition will be accompanied by a civil engineer, biochemist, nationally ranked cyclists, and The Snowmelt founder and leader of the 2011 Denali expedition. The goal will be to film this expedition in order to create a documentary that will relay both an environmental message focusing on sustainability and our impact from the overuse of water. The film will also document the journey and emotions of riding a bicycle 500 miles through sometimes desolate and remote areas of California.

Mill Creek Clean Up Day- TBA 

This event will be hosted in conjunction with The Snowmelt partners to provide clean up for local waterways and recreational areas. The clean up day also offers education on our role as stewards for a healthy environment.